IT Services

With Graphtek at hand, no longer will you be stuck with projects due to IT limitations. Our consultancy and expert advice will give you all the resources needed to tackle that next big hurdle. We implement IT systems and solutions to help reduce your operating costs, improve performance, protect your long-term investments, and more importantly make your future full proof.

IT Services - Backup & Business Recovery

Backup & Business Recovery

No one expects it to happen to them, but sometimes things can’t be avoided. Our back-up solutions offer you peace of mind, on and off site options readily available on demand as frequently as you need. From daily to 6 monthly we’ve got your back… -up.
Business disaster recovery has you up and running within minutes with our virtual spin up all we need is an internet connection to get you running again in just a fraction behind your pc turning on.

IT Services - Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Specialists require specialist equipment. We pride ourselves on our unique customers and capabilities, so why can’t our computers have this too? our custom build PC’s maximise your productivity and profits ensuring machines are as easy to use as possible. Warranties available at request.

IT Services - End user Support

End user Support

As smart as they are, computers don’t always play ball. New updates change things, programmes freeze. Here at Graphtek we pride ourselves in being able to help to you. Our screen sharing feature means you can worry no more, we are at your service. If you have any questions nothing is too trivial, just phone us and we’ll be happy to help.

IT Services - Hardware


Starting from scratch or updating existing our specialist team can turn an idea into a reality. Precision planning makes our expertise perfectionists keep your mind at ease and pocket full with none if minimal disruption to your business.

IT Services - Infrastructure Consolidation

Infrastructure Consolidation

By reducing your assets and simplifying the hardware businesses need it makes working easier and efficient. We have a few tricks and tips here, virtualisation and smaller smarter technologies reduce the need for big space servers and cabinets. We utilise minimal resources whilst maximising security.

IT Services - Network Design

Network Design

Evaluate, understand, scope and implement. The key steps to a full proof design begins with you. Evaluating your requirement with the current helps us to understand and put into perception what you need i.e. Scope, to plan for improvement. Once we’ve full proofed the plan with you we will of course implement it fast to our exceptional standards. Please contact us for our ‘pop up’ simplicity fast fix solutions when time is of the essence.

IT Services - Network Support

Network Support

If it’s not broken why bother to change it right? It’s the phrase we all use when we don’t want to give into the dreaded sales person. We fully agree with this phrase and use it where we can too! By supporting your current network, we can work with you to maximise the software functionalities advising where there is room for improvement straight from the service provider.

IT Services - Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy

With GraphTek at hand, no longer will you be stuck with your next step on your project due to IT limitations. Our project consultancy will give you all the resources you need to tackle that next big project.

IT Services - Remote Working Solutions

Remote Working Solutions

Virtual desktops utilises servers rather than dedicated desktops and applications per user. In a nutshell, instead of only being able to use one PC for a user You just log into each machine using your unique email credentials and each Desktop has the same software on saved on the server. Remote access lets you move people about rather than heavy hardware and shared files easily accessible by anyone in your organisation anywhere.

IT Services - Security Solutions

Security Solutions

IT infrastructure is at continuous threat from malicious attacks. We give you peace of mind 24/7 with our extensive solutions including; managed firewall, IDS/IPS, authentication, log management, penetration & network testing.

IT Services - Virtualisation


Whenever anyone mentions virtualisation to you a hefty charge is usually shortly followed. Not with Graphtek, we pride ourselves on offering affordable part and full virtual solutions to effectively and efficiently run your business.

IT Services - Virtual Server Spin up from Backup

Virtual Server Spin up from Backup

Gone are the days of waiting to restore a server from backup, restoring a system image of a large server could take a few hours or even an overnight task. Our solution lets you startup the failed server dircty from its backup in almoat the same time as it takes for it to boot normally.

IT Services - Website Design

Website Design

From scratch to redesign and hosting our free consultation will give you peace of mind you’re in friendly competent hands. Weather it’s a simple 3 page design or a complex elaborate multi page booking site we can cater for all needs. Every quote is no obligation.

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