Cloud Services

No matter the size or age of your business us at Graphtek believe professional people deserve professional service 24/7. We protect and monitor silently behind the scenes meaning nothing stands in your way. Best brought bundled at only £15 per pc, we can also provide bespoke tailor made plans ensuring you complete 100% around the clock care at the best value.

Cloud Services - Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

As technology is ever changing, forever evolving, and speeding up enabling us to work smarter. We know how important it is to take care of it. Our tracking technology enables us to dot every I and cross every T, keeping real time in depth log of every single asset in your business. Serial numbers, conditions, software update logs all safe in one place. When contractors carry out maintenance they lose time collecting manufacturers information which is often never found, resulting in wrong parts and long turnaround times.

Cloud Services - Co-located Services

Co-located Services

Graphtek understands that sometimes no matter what happens internet providers have hiccups. If you’re out in the sticks not all services are readily available at the standard you expect. With our managed off site UK based data centres you get exactly what you’re missing. Business continuity 24-7 ensures 99.9% upload availability all managed by the provider 100% of the time.

Cloud Services - Hosted Azure

Hosted Azure

Hosted Azure is easily scalable, enabled for business growth, and provides economical value. It can be deployed quickly at a flexible rate and without the need to purchase complex and expensive hardware. Benefitting from the onset with controlled maintenance and round-the-clock security from a fully managed and trusted service, it means you can focus on meeting customer demand without service interruption.

Cloud Services - Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Moving your email over to hosted professional cloud servers means you get all the advantages of on-site collaboration, whilst reducing your IT overhead of running onsite dedicated servers. Our exchange environment is super resilient, fully managed and all traffic is scanned for malicious items before it has a chance to get to your inbox. All items hosted in UK geographically suited data centres.

Cloud Services - Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Fantastic for small to medium businesses. Our dedicated virtual servers function exclusively for each individual given business still giving you all the benefit of an onsite unit, whilst saving you money around the clock even with more powerful equipment.

Cloud Services - Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Gone are the days of humungous server rooms filled with cabinet upon cabinet holding pieces of data. Our cloud based professional platform frees up the need for numerous servers and firewall hardware. These days more and more businesses need remote, on the go access to files and presentations and we pride ourselves in being able to show you how to reduce energy overheads without compromising efficiency.

Cloud Services - Managed Anti-virus

Managed Anti-virus

Our enterprise scanning solutions ensure your business stays virus free 24-7. We offer; fast service, rapid updates, and expert advice. Our combined protection across your desktop and email, both in and out going traffic is screened and scanned for potential threat before anything has a chance to affect your systems enterprise. Careful analysis of out bound traffic is also checked for any possible leak of vital information. All this whilst being one of the most dedicated, robust and even affordable infrastructure solutions.

Cloud Services - Multi-Vender Patch Management

Multi-Vender Patch Management

The dreaded system reset and fear of lost work is a thing of the past with our monitoring system. It scans for updates scheduling them outside office hours causing no inconveniences or disruption to your busy working week. Preventative maintenance happens silently behind the scenes at our end and all you’ll know about is the shiny new software brightening up your mornings.

Cloud Services - Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 is best for productivity, collaboration and sharing with its anytime, anywhere access. It’s equally perfect for the SMB and Enterprise markets with its tiered solutions and applicable features.

Cloud Services - Online Backup & Recovery

Online Backup & Recovery

Bad things happen, but if you plan correctly you can sleep soundly. One thing is having an on and off site back-up. But, what about the time it takes to get that back-up to something somewhere else to use it? Our tried and tested virtual server “spin up” from back-up lets you start up the failed server directly from its copy in a fraction longer of that it takes to boot up in real time. All you need is an internet connection. (Frequency of back-up is customer dependant).

Cloud Services - Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Specialist monitoring systems in a nutshell upkeep continuity with minimal disruption to the business. They silently log every process and the computer and servers go through on a daily basis, encrypting and protecting your data and hardware. Once a fault arises it is instantaneously logged for us to action whilst also saving a copy of your software at its last point in time before the corruption. We then remedy the faults and schedule updates or restarts to take place after your working day or even week depending on the convenience.

Cloud Services - Remote Support

Remote Support

For most people and businesses this is a vital necessity of recent times. It gives us the ability to see and control your hardware as if we were in front of the device. It removes the need for dedicated IT technicians onsite. Graphtek con log into your machine remotely with a unique code, demonstrate how to prevent human error and eradicate any bus with a click of a button cutting expensive call out charges and the wait for engineers or parts to turn up.

Cloud Services - Secure Email Messaging

Secure Email Messaging

Secure Email Messaging provides an Email Encryption feature so that you can send, receive and track secure corporate messages and attachments using any existing email address or platform. With Secure Email Messaging you’ll also benefit from an advance message control and a delivery slip feauture, the ability to send secure large files up to 5GBs quickly and know in real time when and how information was received.

Cloud Services - Sharepoint


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Cloud Services - Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is an audio and HD video conferencing tool enabling businesses to meet over the internet from anywhere in the world. Coming as standard in Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium and Enterprise subscriptions along with seamless integration for Outlook, Skype features enterprise-grade security to keep your conversations
between internal and external meetings safe and secure.

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